Are You Over-Exfoliating Without Realising It? Tell-tale signs it’s behind your skin woes

Are You Over-Exfoliating Without Realising It? Tell-tale signs it’s behind your skin woes.

We're all about achieving that flawless radiance, but sometimes, too much of a good thing can backfire. Over-exfoliating might just be the sneaky culprit behind some unexpected skin reactions. Today, let's delve into the world of over-exfoliation, the hidden acids lurking in our products, and how to strike the right balance.

Natural Skin Cell Turnover: The Building Block of Radiant Skin

Our skin is a constantly evolving masterpiece. It's hard at work every day, shedding older cells and making way for the vibrant new. This natural turnover is its way of keeping things fresh. As we age, this process slows down, and that's where exfoliation steps in - to expedite the removal of dead skin cells and promote rejuvenated skin.

Thanks to the rising trend in chemical exfoliation, acids have quietly infiltrated many products. Your daily cleanser or favourite serum might have them. While they promise results, applied multiple times daily (yes, daily!) and combined with a physical scrub, you might treat your skin to an exfoliation overload.

Decoding the Signs of Over-Exfoliating

When we over-exfoliate, we strip our skin and force it into overdrive. This constant push to regenerate disrupts the skin's natural barrier. But what does over-exfoliation look like?

Blemish Bonanza: Believed exfoliating was your secret weapon against acne? Think again. Over-exfoliating can weaken the skin barrier, leaving it defenceless against bacteria. This could result in persistent acne, even if you believe you're taking the proper steps by exfoliating.

The Red Flag... Literally: A post-exfoliation blush is nothing unusual. But if your face seems more tomato than peach for days, or even your trusted products cause a sting, it’s time to listen to your skin. 

Desert Dryness: Over-exfoliating strips away essentialskin oils and vital skin barriers that naturally retain moisture. Without this protective layer, your skin's moisture evaporates quicker, leaving dry patches, flakiness, creased makeup and dehydration in its tracks.

Oil Overdrive: An oily sheen more than usual? An over-exfoliated face might produce excess oil as a defencemechanism or appear unusually shiny, signalling that the skin's surface has been stripped too much.

Not long ago, a lovely client approached me, frustrated with her persistent acne that seemed to worsen day by day. After carefully reviewing her current skincare regime, I was taken aback by the discovery: she was inadvertently exfoliating daily! In fact, three of the products she was using contained sneaky exfoliating acids. Without realising it, she was throwing her skin into overdrive, stripping her natural barrier, and causing more and more breakouts.

Together, we embarked on a skin barrier-repairing journey, stripping back her skincare routine instead of her skin.  

To start with a clean slate every morning and night, we swapped out her abrasive cleanser with a gentle balm cleanser. This soothing formula melts away impurities without compromising the skin's natural oils, ensuring her skin remains calm and balanced.

To tackle the inflammation and redness from over-exfoliating, I introduced a potent Vitamin B serum. It’s a star player in reducing inflammation, boosting hydration, and reinforcing the skin's barrier. Within weeks, she noticed her skin feeling more resilient and less reactive. 

A barrier repair moisturiser was added to her routine to seal the deal. This product is specifically formulated to fortify and rebuild compromised skin barriers. It's packed with ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol, which are crucial components of the skin's outermost layer. 

After just three months on this streamlined regimen, not only had her acne significantly improved, but the parts of her skin that were previously free from acne appeared more radiant, softer, and boasted a more consistent tone. And the most surprising part? This rejuvenation occurred without any exfoliation at all!

This is a vivid testament to the power of simplicity in skincare. It's not always about adding more products but choosing the right ones, listening to your skin, and giving it a chance to recover and thrive. It's crucial to remember that while exfoliation can be a game-changer, it's not the only player in the game. Treat it as a periodic boost, not a daily drill.

If this read has you second-guessing your skincare routine, let’s chat. Together, we can navigate the maze of exfoliation and help your skin find its happy place again.


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