I don't wear sunscreen because...

Living in Australia, protecting your skin from UV damage can be a constant battle. Finding the right sunscreen for your face is essential in having healthy, well functioning skin.

Here is a list of the most common reasons people tell me why they don't wear sunscreen... and my answers and suggestions below. 


I don’t wear sunscreen because… I don’t go out in the sun

Unfortunately even the small amounts of sun exposure we get every day can have a cumulative effect, meaning over time it leads to chronic sun damage. UVA can penetrate windows so even short trips in the car or sitting at work near a window can contribure to premature aging and at worse, skin cancer developing. So daily sun protection is really essential, particularly when living in Australia! 


I don’t wear sunscreen because… it feels thick & greasy

Yes that definatley use to be the case. Fortunately now there have been many breakthroughs in sunscreen technology, meaning there is a formula that suits most skin types. Physical sunscreen ingredients like zinc oxide and titatium dioxide have now been micronised meaning they are much thinner, less ghosting appearance and more pleasant to use. Chemcial sunscreens are usually thinner and easy to apply, Aspect Sun Envirostat is an SPF50 that feels lightweight.


I don’t wear sunscreen because…. I am allergic

Again a physcial sunscreen may be a better option for you, as they rarely cause allergic reactions. They work more like a physical barrier sitting more ontop of the skin to reflect and scatter UV light. As they penetrate the skin a little less, they are less likely to cause a reaction and are generally regarded as low irritant ingredients. It's also good to remember that there are MANY types of chemical sunscreen fornulations out there using different blends of chemical absorbers, and with many other added ingredients to the formula. So you may find a different formulation of chemical sunscreen that does work for your skin…! As chemical sunscreens are often cheaper and absorb easier, it's worth seeing if there is another brand you could use. Ask your friends to try their sunscreens and patch test different areas, or ask if any samples available before you purchase. We are spoilt for choice in Australia when it comes to effective sunscreens! I love Envirostat On the Go SPF 50


I don’t wear sunscreen because… It is in my makeup

Sunscreen needs to be applied quite liberally to work effectively. For instance you would need to apply more than half a teaspoon to your face, and it's unlikely you would be applying this much makeup to that one area. So you don't really need sunscreen in your makeup, but every little bit helps so just use your sunscreen first, then apply your SPF makeup on top. Remember you need to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours as well. Sometimes sunscreen in our makeup can give us a false perception of UV protection (as we see our makeup is still on our skin) however the sunscreen effectiveness has long gone. 


I don’t wear sunscreen because… I don’t know when to use it in my routine

Sunscreen works like a barrier, so you want to complete your skincare routine first (cleanse, moisturise) and allow it to absorb for around 5min. Then apply your sunscreen last. If you wish to wear makeup you can apply once sunscreen has absorbed. Some people can use Aspect Sun Hydrating Face SPF50 as a moisturiser and sunscreen in one, personally though I still like my moisturiser underneath my sunscreen as I'm on the drier side.


As always, shoot me a message or comment below if you have another reason not covered, or any other questions regarding sunscreen use

Stay sun safe!

Kate x

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