Skin Juice Smudge Budge 70ml
Skin Juice Smudge Budge 70ml
Skin Juice Smudge Budge 70ml

Skin Juice Smudge Budge 70ml

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The best cleansing balm for super sensitised skin!

This gentle superfood packed cleansing balm deeply cleanses make up and toxins from even the most sensitive skin types. Comes with a Smudge Budger - this reusable pad is made from ultra-soft microfibres, that attract make-up pigments and absorbs impurities without irritating the skin.

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive and over-stimulated skin types. Not suitable to use over the top of false lashes. Can be used as gentle eye-makeup remover or as a PRE-CLEANSER to remove heavy makeup before your normal cleanse

How to use: Using dry hands, warm this organic balm in fingertips before massaging onto a dry face, around the eyes and over the lips. Wet fingers with warm water and continue to massage. Soak your Smudge Budger with warm water and use it to massage over the face, including the eyes. Rinse and hang to dry. Your Smudge Budger only has eyes for your face, so don’t let it near anyone else's.

Smudge Budger care instructions: Wash alone in warm or hot water with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Do not use fabric softeners as they will coat the fibres of the face wipe, making it ineffective. Air dry only.


- Antioxidant and vitamin rich juices from berries, tomato and pumpkin feed the skin to restore a healthy dewy glow. These carotenoid antioxidants have been clinically proven to fight against free radical damage.

- Organic coconut oil and sweet fennel help fight off bacterial infections to protect the skin against breakouts and congestion.

- Soothing cucumber and moisturising fatty acids from mango butter soothe and calm irritation and sensitivity.

- Natural vegetable emulsifiers mean this silky cleansing balm easily washes away with water and face cloth or sponge.

- Feeds the skin a healthy diet of skin healing essential fatty acid rich pumpkin, carrot and pomegranates.