Lemon Sorbet Body Wash
Lemon Sorbet Body Wash

Lemon Sorbet Body Wash

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Antioxidant rich and organic white tea, pomegranate, raspberries and cranberries will keep the skin healthy and protected against free radicals.-Essential fatty acids from organic shea butter and rosehip nurture the skin for an all over healthy glow.-Promote the skin's elasticity and firmness with safflower oil; rich in essential fatty acid omega 6 and naturally occurring vitamins, this oil increases the skin's ability to hold onto water, maintaining healthy levels of hydration in the skin after showering.-Soothing aloe vera and cucumber further calms and hydrates the skin.-Antibacterial lemon myrtle, de-congestive sweet fennel and purifying lemon will leave the skin feeling completely refreshed and soft to the touch.